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Aegean Islands
Andriotellis Manolis
Pelion Olive Farms Superb gush of clean greenery, noble bitterness and full frontal pungency, this organic oil is the creation of Vasilis Frantzolas, experienced taster, cookbook author and olive oil visionary.
Eleones Manolaki
Eleones Zakros
Gaea a range of first-rate oils including the entire production of the village of Kritsa on Crete, which I visit in Extra Virginity.
Terra Creta stunning estate-grown PDO and other oils made with state-of-the-art agronomy and milling technology (as well as age-old farming know-how) in the Kolymvari region in western Crete.
East Macedonia - Thrace
Eleónes Hand-picked from Mt. Athos hontroelia olives. I've rarely tried an oil from Greece – or from anywhere else – with this level of complexity and, well, "beauty." (read more)
Eliris A delicate-bodied oil with considerable personality (itself a rarity). Gentle pungency and almost no bitterness – in fact a pleasing impression of sweetness, yet cleanness in the mouth. Delicate aromas of green vegetables and herbs.
Alisseos Splendid biological koroneiki, perfectly balanced with notes of sage and green apple, made by Dr. Joachim Genth and his family with an admirable blend of Grecian generosity and Teutonic rigor. A memorable oil, and a website that's an education in itself.
Lakonico Aroma extremely full, ripe olives, with a hint of woodiness and slight, pleasant resin.
Mani Bläuel Greek Organic organic, early-harvest koroneiki oil with wonderful grassiness, full fruit and long, complex pungency, from the Mani region in the southern Peloponnese.
The Angel of Peace of Goddess Athena Aroma is tingly, fresh, with notes of field green and hints of mature olive fruit. Pleasant flavors of vanilla and banana, with a slow-growing pepperiness, elegantly balanced with bitter. Remarkably long-lasting.


Has anyone tried this 'Aegean

Has anyone tried this 'Aegean' brand kalamata EVOO?

I ask because it was the oil that turned me on to olive oil when I worked in a Mediterranean foods grocery and deli. I can't find it where I live now, but recently picked up a can. With my very limited EVOO palate, I'm guessing that at the very least it it's old (no packaging date on it) but it doesn't taste -obviously- fake to me like cheap supermarket stuff.